No, our program was created to provide protection for organizations no matter the species of animal or breed of animal.

Yes! You may not have a physical location, but liability insurance extends to more than just slip and fall incidents. Liability insurance provides coverage for adoption events, foster homes, and should include volunteer medical expense as well.

The Transmissible Pathogen protection under the AWOIP program could provide protection for this.

Liability insurance provides protection for the organization in the event a lawsuit is filed due to an injury to a third party resulting from an animal, a visitor slips and falls and other similar types of incidents that may occur in the course of your operations. Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O), provides protection for your board members and their assets. If the board of directors is sued for mismanagement of donations, discrimination, or harassment as examples. A D&O Insurance Policy will pay to defend the covered consequences as well as any settlement.

Both policies are recommended for every nonprofit animal shelter or rescue. Since these policies provide protection for different types of lawsuits, it is best to make sure you are fully protected against potential claims. If it is not financially possible to purchase both policies, we recommend that you review the coverages and determine what is best for your organization’s needs at this time.

There is wide variety of insurance policies available to animal welfare organizations of all types. These policies include general and
professional liability, directors and officer’s liability, accident and health, business auto, workers
compensation, employment practices liability and special events liability. AWOIP has taken great care in providing insurance protection that is specific and created just for organizations like
yours. For a complete description of each of these policies, visit our page, What Does my policy really Cover?

Volunteers are protected if they should be involved in a covered lawsuit with the organization as a result of acting on behalf of the organization.

The team at AWOIP (Animal Welfare Organization Insurance Program) is more than happy to assist you during the dreaded insurance process. You can fill out an online insurance application or contact our team at 800-673-2558 for more information.

The “Good Samaritan Law” may provide some defense for volunteers of the organization, however there are limitations to this law and it is only intended to protect the individual volunteer and not the organization as a whole.