Insurance for Exotic Animal Sancturaies

Unique animals come with unique risks.

From big cats to little birds, marine mammals to big furry bears, exotic animal sanctuaries need insurance protection as diverse and unique as the animals they care for. The problem is, most insurance providers lack the ability to fully protect sanctuary animals and the grounds that house them! Working with unique and even dangerous animals presents a whole new level of risk to these sanctuaries, which is why it’s crucial to have the right insurance protection and risk management tools in place to prevent massive potential losses in the event of an unfortunate accident.

We're an exotic bunch, too!

(and we know how to help!)

Protection for your biggest risks.

The AWOIP team doesn’t stop at just providing superior insurance protection for animal welfare organizations like yours. Our team of passionate experts work to understand your organization’s needs and the layout of your operations to provide helpful insights on how you can minimize risks. We will also review your current insurance policy to see where AWOIP can fill in the gaps in your coverage to get you the protection your organization needs!

We Cover the Essentials



& Volunteers


of Animals

Crisis Management



And More!

“Brian and the AWOIP team show a sincere interest in sanctuaries through attending our conferences and always looking for better ways to protect us and understand our operations.”
Bobbi Brink – Lions, Tigers & Bears.

AWOIP Advantages


Licensed Insurance Professionals With a Passion for Animals

Licensed insurance professionals with a passion for animals and an endearing knowledge of animal welfare that are anxious to assist you with not only insurance protection specific to your organization’s needs, but provide you tools to minimize the risks of the organization through our customized tools and resources.


Insurance Protection Exclusively for Animal Welfare Organizations.

Exclusive and unique insurance protection for only animal welfare organizations across the USA.

Oh, and did we mention we have no breed or species restrictions?!


We Are In the Trenches With You as You Advocate for the Animals.

Don’t be surprised if you run into us stomping along with you on the stairs of the capital for animal rights or sitting next to you at an educational conference learning more about animal welfare.


Gain Access to Tons of Risk Mitigation Tools

AWOIP members gain access to tons of risk mitigation tools, including resources custom designed for employees/volunteers, adoption programs, foster programs, and more!

Webinar: "A Tame Approach to Protecting Your Sanctuary"

Want to learn how to even better protect your sanctuary? Watch our webinar, hosted by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), where our team discusses some of the crucial ins-and-outs of proper insurance protections for animal sanctuaries of all kinds and how you can apply them to your sanctuary!