Insurance for Animal Welfare Organizations

Providing top-notch insurance protection for non-profit animal welfare organizations of all kinds that are on a mission to care, love, and advocate for our animal friends.

Get the Protection your Organization NEEDS.

Trusted by over 500 non-profit animal welfare organizations across the United States!

No matter the breed, no matter the need.

We believe that ALL animals matter. That’s why we extend our insurance protections to animal welfare organizations of all kinds with no species or breed restrictions. AWOIP was built on the foundation of “caring for those who care”, so you can relax in knowing that while you do what you do best in caring for the animals, we are doing what we do best—taking care of your organization.


Rescue Group

If your organization is foster based without a physical structure, let AWOIP come to your rescue!


Exotic and Marine Animal
Sanctuary Insurance

From big cats and colorful birds, to the animals of the sea, find comfort in knowing AWOIP has you protected.


Society Insurance

For organizations with a physical structure to provide shelter and other services for domestic animals, AWOIP has a custom insurance package just for you.


Equine and Farm Rescue
& Sanctuary Insurance

Protection for organizations providing a second chance at life for equines and farm animals from all walks of life.


Rescue & Rehab

Insurance protection for the one’s with a wild side.


Trap, Neuter,

For the TNR groups on a mission to provide TLC.

We speak your language.

The AWOIP pack shares your passion for caring, loving, and standing up for our animal friends. We make the effort to better understand the topics that surround the animal welfare world by attending conferences, keeping up with the latest news, and providing resources to aid in the success of your organization.

Not “just some other” insurance agency

You need a team that understands the unique aspects of your organization. Our collective knowledge and experience is as unique and diverse as the organizations we serve!

“I quickly realized how much AWOIP cares about animals after browsing their website and know they could specifically cater to our needs as an animal welfare organization!”
Kimberly, Middleburg Humane Foundation

Trusted Partner