Insurance for Animal Rescue Groups

Custom designed insurance for rescue groups.

No one gets left behind under our protection. With AWOIP, you’ll be in good hands with a company that understands the ins-and-outs of animal rescue groups like yours. Whether you are a foster-based rescue, community rescue, or anything in between, we provide the essential protection your organization needs.

We're a company with a passion.

(who knows how to have fun!)

Don't have a physical location? You still need protection!

Just because you don’t have a physical location for your rescue doesn’t mean you should go unprotected. There are plenty of unforeseen risks that your organization faces on a daily basis while rescuing animals. The last thing you need is for an incident to occur that may result in a lawsuit or a claim, and your organization suffers a hefty financial loss.

We work with a large number of home-based and foster-based rescue groups that don’t have a physical location and provide protection for fosters, volunteers, adoption events, and more!

We Cover the Essentials

TNR Services


Therapy and
assist dogs


And more!

“Thank you to all the folks at AWOIP for helping our rescue save money, remain fully protected, and to give us the peace of mind so that we can focus on rescue!”
Lisa Gray - Akita Rescue Mid Atlantic Coast, Inc.

AWOIP Advantages


Licensed Insurance Professionals With a Passion for Animals

Licensed insurance professionals with a passion for animals and an endearing knowledge of animal welfare that are anxious to assist you with not only insurance protection specific to your organization’s needs, but provide you tools to minimize the risks of the organization through our customized tools and resources.


Insurance Protection Exclusively for Animal Welfare Organizations.

Exclusive and unique insurance protection for only animal welfare organizations across the USA.

Oh, and did we mention we have no breed or species restrictions?!


We Are In the Trenches With You as You Advocate for the Animals.

Don’t be surprised if you run into us stomping along with you on the stairs of the capital for animal rights or sitting next to you at an educational conference learning more about animal welfare.


Gain Access to Tons of Risk Mitigation Tools

AWOIP members gain access to tons of risk mitigation tools, including resources custom designed for employees/volunteers, adoption programs, foster programs, and more!